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January 24, 2009


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Janey K

have you ever thought of asking your sister who is a wealth of health knowledge and food/eating habit advice? hmm hmm.... lol


It's good to know I'm not the only one who hears "hoobooly gooboolly" when it comes to blogging technicalities!

And reading that you came out of this conference with new ideas and the inspiration to use them, in turn, inspires me - because I'm just learning this blogging thing, and I know where you're coming from with the conference.

So thanks for writing this!

By the way, it's my first time here. I found your blog through Pioneer Woman's after you made a comment about the blue-cheeseburger.

amy walker

is anyone else getting spanish? kerry, are you trying something new?


I enjoyed this post muchly. :D :D


Wondering if you'll make it to WordCamp Vancouver in June? I truly enjoyed your sketches and thoughts about my prezo. I have something all new brewing for this year.

Here's a preview:

PS Since you like haiku, i have a few chapbooks filled with short nuggets capturing fleeting moments - ping me @uncleweed if interested.

kerry macLeod

Hey Uncleweed,

I am doing a photography course in June in Banff so sadly no word camp this
year pour moi. I must admit much of it was a bit techie for me as well. I
will take a look at the preview link you send and be sure to share some of
your cool words with my boys as we do love a good haiku.


kerry macLeod

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