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January 06, 2010


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Are my guy friends going to find out that I blogged on a mom site? Just kidding and I don't mind at all. The resolution I have made for 2010 is to try and be happy and make everyone happy around me at all times. This also includes failing but always ensuring to pick myself up and continue with this goal in mind. Great blog and keep up the great work.

PS - U need more AC/DC in your playlist!


Resolution = eat healthier & lose those 10 lbs of 'baby' weight.... I figure it is time considering my 'baby' is 4 1/2 years old - HA HA HA!! :-)

kerry macLeod

Ha, Marnie...I am right there with ya! I have got used to my perma-pregos
tummy and that is not okay.



More sleep in 2010! (Now if I can just get the kiddies on board with that.)

Love LOVE your blog, Kerry!

kerry macLeod

Julie, try rubbing lavender oil on their tootsies before bed, it might
help. Sleep rocks!


Happier mornings! Meaning getting everyone ready and out the door while I'm still cool, calm, and mentally together. Much harder than it sounds! But I'm at four good mornings and putting a sticker on my calendar to track it every day.

Btw, I enjoy Gretchens blog so I would love to read her book!


Be present in the good times; and the not so good times treat lightly and move on!

kerry macLeod

Love that Debbie! Great advice.


allison witvoet

To find a better balance: more quality time with kids and my husband, less work and commitments that I don't need to be committing to.


My resolution is to find the perfect bedtime routine that helps me get to sleep. (I've had a lot of trouble getting to sleep this past year, probably because I've been stressed out.) Some things I'm finding helpful are getting ready for bed early and doing stretches/meditation for a few minutes before I go to sleep.


To stretch more and also to see my squishy little nephews A LOT more!


Now that we are empty nesters..make more effort to set aside time for "hubbie and me" things to do together. Love having adult kids now.
You rock Momma do you do it all?

kerry macLeod

Julie, enjoy your hubbie time, that certainly is something life with young
kiddos doesnt really allow much of. Take time for you too, you deserve it.



What a coincidence - HAPPINESS is my only resolution (well that & calling my Mom every week - which I suppose is the same thing :)) So it sounds like the book & subject are right up my alley.
What are your paint choices - we love to help!! I adore paint choosing!!

xx tanya missyou!!


oooohhhhhh!! And I forgot to mention!! My *special* box came in the mail today with my Official Torchbearer Uniform!! I am going to rock it!! Red mitts & all!

kerry macLeod

Oh Tanya, you always have good advice. I am boring and I think Ill do the
tapestry beige like upstairs as I have almost three gallons left and its
fairly pricey. Its also will keep it light down there. I want to do
something a tad more fun in the bathroom...what do you think? We are having
a dark wood vanity? My studio will be a light sky blue as I have a huge
bucket of that left from upstairs and I used it in our bathroom but it
doesnt really go with the tile so I have to re-paint. Do love it in Rys
room though. Its cheery and will be a good photo backdrop colour.

I am going with the Ikea Freden vanity in the bathroom, Ill post a pic.

Miss ya too!


kerry macLeod

Oh my gosh Tanya!!! I am so proud of you and your torchbearing! The torch
is coming to our little town of Coldstream on Jan 26th, wish it was you


My resolution - to get at least 30 minutes of exercise 156 days this year. (That's 3X week). So far I've done three days - only 153 left to go!

Hi Kerry-

Thanks for the comment! I found your blog on a google search. I had just posted about The Happiness Project and I wanted to see who else is reading it. I really love your blog banner btw.


kerry macLeod

Laura did my banner and shes a whiz with stuff like that. She worked from
a collage I did. Her info is on my sponsors sidebar under DeLollies and
shes very reasonable. Thanks for satisfying my curiousity!


My resolution is to work my way up to running from walking. I am 57 years old and am not a runner but my 2 sons and daughter-in-laws are. I really want to do a half marathon with them this summer. Its never to late to do something new! I can do this! I can do this!

PS...Love the music on your site!

kerry macLeod

Good for you Karen, I run like a cow so a marathon would be beyond my
wildest dreams.


Cathy Benns

Let the mess be the mess, play more with the precious little ones, they grow so fast, and well get naked more often, why not! CkB

kerry macLeod

Cathy love the naked stuff! Thanks for the giggle after dinner mayham.


Kari Gaudet

My new years resolution is different than most.....I want to learn how to do a "hockey stop" on skates so that I can skate with my kids on the lake and be the cool Mom who actually knows how to stop!! It's important to my kids that I get out there and skate with them, so now it is important to me too! Here's to many bruises!!
P.S. Love following your blog!

kerry macLeod

Good for you Karen! I still have my skates from grade seven with bells on
the toes, and they were hand-me-downs then. I am a big nerd on the ice for
sure. My boys skate almost every day here on the outdoor rink. Enjoy and
glad you like Snicks!



incroporate more veggies into our family meals. So basic but oh so important!

alesha davies fowlie

Thanks for calling my attention to the Happiness Project Kerry, I really enjoy your blog as well! And I am happy to have the opportunity to share my resolutions with you:
this year I am going to finally give up making my gift line,[magnets, etc.] I am concentrating full time on making a living from painting and illustrating and more importantly,spending more time working on being a better parent.

kasi lubin

"Hey Kerry - where do you find the time to research all this fun stuff?? In 2010 my goal is to do lots of yoga, skate skiing, downhill skiing & hanging with my kids and (friends) as much as possible! Hope all of yours are doing well!!"

kerry macLeod

Thats amazing Alesha...I hope to move in the same direction too one day.
Its a big step and I wish you great success!


Well, I think i've already posted all my 2010 goals. However, I'd love the book so I'll comment again! An update would be that so far the goals are being well met!

Norma Berg

Kerry, I love your blog (AND the accompanying tunes!!). Your advice always speaks to me, at just the right time. Life is good, and I want to remember to continue to "follow my bliss" as you recommended. I think if I succeed, it will foster happiness not only in me, but all around me. I love that your blog keeps special contact with your large, extended circle, and I am going to try to "keep in touch" with my special circle through 2010 too.

kerry macLeod

Thanks Norma, glad you are enjoying Snicks, as I enjoy writing it. Have a
fab year and good luck in the contest!

Nancy B

My first attempt at techno-son will be very proud of me!! Happiness, to me, comes from appreciating the simple, beautiful things in our day to day lives...cozying up with my daughter in her bed every night so she can read me a 11-year old son hugging me and telling me he loves me before rushing off travelling hubby calling to give me a pep talk on a bad day. Plus a zillion other little wonders that happen everyday that if we pause for a moment, we're reminded how truly blessed we are and that happiness is all around us if we take the time to appreciate what we have. As Don Henley sings, "To want what I have, To take what I'm given with grace...". Happy 2010 and here's to continuing to look for those little wonders everyday!

kerry macLeod

Nancy, love the Don Henley quote and your wonderful attitude. Best of luck
in the contest.

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